Dda compliant

Access All Doors will help you identify the best and most cost-effective to ensure your premises are DDA compliant and fully accessible.

Improved accessibility also helps those who are not disabled, but could benefit from an automated entrance such as shoppers with bags, parents with children and or pushchairs.

Access All Doors work along side many of the world leading automatic door manufacturers so have a comprehensive range of products to suit your premises.

The DDA states that reasonable provision shall be made to ensure that buildings are accessible and usable by all those who could be expected to use the buildings.

Automatic Swing Doors are a great door choice as most manual existing doors can be converted into Automatic Doors with minimal disruption to the client, Automatic Swing Doors are extremely versatile as they can be a single door or set of double doors. The Automatic swing door complies with DDA regulations and can be installed with minimal interruption to the client.

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